Latin Whiz, 16, Finds New Liturgy Language Lacking

[Added 11-2011] Robert McClory, Published: November 2, 2011 Erik Baker is a 16-year-old high school student who has been studying Latin since 6th grade. Now as a senior at Evanston Township High School near Chicago, he has completed all the Latin classes available at his school, including the Advanced Placement courses. He is pursuing his […] Read More

Where Are the Linguists?

[Added: 10-2011] A well-known tenet among professional linguists and translators is that of dynamic equivalency.  According to this basic translation principle, the aim of any translation is to convey the same meaning to speakers of the target language that the original text had for speakers of the source language.  It follows from this that a […] Read More

Three Part Series on the Missal

The article excerpts below are a three part series by Robert Mickens published in The Tablet in June/July 2011. Unlocking the door of the vernacular In the second of a series on the controversial new English translation of the Missal, to be introduced to the faithful later this year during Advent, The Tablet’s Rome correspondent […] Read More

Doctrine of Reception

The Canonical Doctrine of Reception JAMES A. CORIDEN Doctrina de la Recepcion Prepared for the Association for the Rights of Catholics  in the Church (ARCC) “. . . For a law or rule to be an effective guide for the believing community,  it must be accepted by the community.”   The canonical doctrine of reception, […] Read More

Lost in Translation

THE BISHOPS, THE VATICAN & THE ENGLISH LITURGY By John Wilkins Forty years ago this month, the Second Vatican Council concluded its work in Rome. The first document it promulgated was the constitution on the liturgy. It was a trailblazer for what followed, harbinger of a new era for the church. The draft text lifted […] Read More

It Doesn’t Sing

THE TROUBLE WITH THE NEW ROMAN MISSAL Rita Ferrone Beginning in Advent of this year, the language of the Mass will be very different. A new translation of the Roman Missal—the book of prayers used in the Mass—will be put into use in all Catholic churches in the English-speaking world. Some who have read the […] Read More

How Bad Is It?

The Vatican document Liturgiam Authenticam published in May 2001 is the source of many of the problems addressed by The document How Bad Is It? outlines the problems of Liturgiam Authenticam. Click here to read the article. Read More

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