One Pastor’s Proposal

To give his congregation an opportunity to share their thoughts on the New Roman Missal, one pastor in the United States is putting index cards in the church pews for people’s comments, especially what they do not like about the New Roman Missal.  These comment cards can then be placed in the collection basket for return to the parish staff.

As pastor he intends to keep these cards until such time as the bishop of his diocese states that the NRM has been accepted by the people of their diocese.  At this time, he will send the cards on to the bishop to show that this is not as true as the bishop might believe. 

This pastor sees this as his way of quietly allowing the people of his parish to express their dissatisfaction with the new translation.  A way to at least give them some voice at the local level in their reception or non-reception of the NRM.

For more information on the doctrine of reception

please click here to see “The Doctrine of Reception” by James Coriden.