Ponder the Facts

See, especially, the Critical Information Section of MisguidedMissal.

Ponder Your Heart

See Journaling Questions below.

Ponder Your Conscience – Are you being called to take some action? 

See MisguidedMissal options and Links to other initiatives.




+        What have I liked about the New Missal translation?  Why? 


+        What do these positives say about…     My personal faith? 

Our Catholic faith & tradition? 


+        How will these positives help me to grow in faith and closer to our loving, gracious and merciful God? 

How will they help my parish community to grow in faith?


+        What do I not like about the New Missal translation?  Why?


+        What are the challenges and concerns these “discordant” areas bring…

… to my prayer life?

… to the life and prayer of my parish and the universal Church?


+        Do the positives above outweigh the negatives or vice versa?        


+        Am I being called to take action in some way?  If so, how?

+        Am I comfortable with what I hear my conscience saying?


+        How will I adapt my prayer (our family’s) prayer at the Eucharist to these new words and new meanings?


+        How do I feel about all the above and where God is leading me (our family) in this time of change?