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Friends, there is a number of us folks in Louisville who support your “Mission” and feel saddened that you have to express yourself anonymously. We understand, though that anonynimity itself speaks volumes about fear in the institution. We, like you, are struggling to identify the new missal as full of injustices to a church that is the people of God.

Thanks for understanding our need for anonymity. As you can see from other comments, many do not!


Wonderful site, and I’m so glad you’ve done it.

Now, WHO ARE YOU? I have my guesses, but I’d love to know!!!!!!!


I think your decision to hide behind the wall of anonymity for this website decreases the credibility of your site. While I fully disagree with your analysis of the new, corrected English translation, i find such dissident blogs amusing. Unfortunately you decrease the seriousness with which you will be taken by your cowardly namelessness.   Interestingly, there are many who work for the Church who will not even voice their concerns over the new translation and how it came to be.  We live in an unfortunate time in the history of our beloved Church that such fear exists in our Catholic faith community around the world.



It’s somewhat ironic that you’re required to give your name and email to make a comment on this site and yet you refuse to state who you are in the about us section.  Thanks for your comment – we have changed the instructions for comments so that people know they may comment without using their name. However, if you want to receive a response from the team an email address is required.

Just to let you know that I shall be praying for you all and the people who you seek to lead into dissent. I appreciate your grievances, but I think the time has passed for what seem to be the aims of your group. I think you should now attempt to use the new translation as an opportunity for catechesis in the Mass more generally from which, undoubtedly, many fruits might be borne. I have to admit that I have found the main changes to the people’s words at the Mass to be very helpful, but even more important has been the chance to learn more about the Mass in general. I also look forward to more closely following the language that our fellow Catholics use in Continental Europe.  More to follow on dissent and translation from one language to another.

Finally I do find your repeated use of the word “Rome” strange. What do you mean by it? Do you mean a particular Vatican office, do you mean the Pope, do you mean Vox Clara, do you mean the ICEL?  Rome = all of the above.

God Bless,


I respect your need for anonymity, but I would really like to involve myself somehow in voicing my support. Do you have any way for others to join the cause?  Options for how people might take action will be coming soon.



I am dismayed with the decision to have the founders and members of this group remain anonymous. How can you be considered credible? I have often launched into an email exchange from websites which offered me comfort and fellowship in like-circumstances. Regardless of your opinion and your editorial offerings on the new Roman Missal, a reputable periodical would not even consider giving credence to it without an identification. And although your arguments are intriguing and provocative, I will not take them to others in agreement without knowing who, exactly, wrote them. Please reconsider your position, which might then offer more trust and conviction.   It is our hope that people, like yourself, will follow our links to published materials that have been authored by people willing and able to put their names, ministries and livelihoods on the line.  Our goal is to bring all the materials on the issues surrounding the new Roman Missal into one accessible website.  We all agreed to be a part of this because no one else seemed to be doing that daunting task, yet each needed to do something because the Eucharist is the central prayer of our Church and of each of our faith lives.


Dear Folks, Although we agree with much of your content, we were rather disappointed that you were not ‘brave’ enough to say WHO you are. For heaven’s sake, come clean. These are worthy concerns that you should not hide behind.  We are definitely not hiding behind all the ideas, concepts and links that we are gathering together on the MisguidedMissal website.  We are bringing material to people’s attention, in the hope that they will make their own prayerful decisions as to how to proceed regarding the implementation of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal across the English-speaking parts of our world.  

Is it knowing the author of an idea that makes an idea credible?  Or is an idea credible because it resonates within our heart, our intellect and in this case, most importantly, our soul?  

The decision to remain anonymous is a very difficult one for each of us and one that we continue to ponder and pray about as individuals and as a team.  It is, very unfortunately, reflective of a current climate within our Church. We hope and pray this climate will soon be eliminated from all areas of our Church’s life and practice.