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Has anyone connected with your site actually prayed the new missal? I am a priest in England & have been using the new texts since September. Out of love for the Church I suggest you wait until you actually begin using the Missal in Advent & you might find, as I have, that the text is in fact quite beautiful.

I waited to respond here until all of us on the team actually had experience with the NRM.  Unfortunately, our experience, and the experience of many in our respective parish communities, of the new translation has not been a prayerful one.  Words jump out at us, like oblation and consubstantial, that distract and detract from the prayer being said.  It seems more like a catechism lesson than prayer.  Some of what the presider says  just don’t make sense.  And to add insult to injury, the music that is being used thus far is just not joyful for many.


All I can say is thank you.

Blessings on your efforts to reform and renew the Church.

In Him, David


“Due to the vitriolic nature of the current climate of fear in our beloved Church, we believe it is imperative to remain anonymous at this juncture in our Church’s history. It is an unfortunate, but necessary course of action!”   This statement is very revealing!

Misguided…and very revealing!

I enjoyed reading some of the articles. It is always interesting to me to discover who is misguided and who is not.

I pray that the Third Edition of the Roman Missal is fully implemented and the People of God continue to grow in God’s grace.

While we have taken every effort to limit vitriolic messages on our website/blog, we also do not want to give the impression that no one, including priests, has taken the time to write and disagree with us.  

Wouldn’t it be interesting if when we get to the Kingdom, God tells this writer and our team, “You both got it wrong!”  Who is Misguided… only God knows for sure!  May the Holy Spirit continue to work with all who profess to believe despite our human frailties and judgments!


I have been ordained for 42 years. What you articulate here is, from my perspective, right on the money. I am deeply troubled about having to implement these ill-conceived changes. I was part of the group of clergy who gathered at _________ recently to form the Association of  U.S. Catholic Priests. So, I stand in solidarity with you.

What our team continues to find amazing is how few priests are speaking out publicly about their dismay at the new translation.  And this is not limited to just the United States.  

Why is this?


I am a Vatican II priest of __________ KY, and I approve wholeheartedly of your stance, and wonder how I (and others like me in my area) can help spread your Mission/Message(s). What is happening to the real church of the people of God is an attempt to undo Vatican II, or as someone has expressed “to hijack” Vatican II.  Share our website with your brother priests to help spread the word.  


I’m very happy to see this site. I will be attending a meeting of concerned clergy at Mundelein in Chicago next week. The purpose of the meeting is to consider forming a group similar to those in Ireland and Australia. The new missal is truly misguided.  May God bless your efforts to get your brother priests to speak up.  If you, or they, have any ideas for us, please share them.


I am a priest of the O_________ Diocese and I want to thank you for this important work you are doing on behalf of the People of God!  We are all in this together as the People of God!