Three Part Series on the Missal

The article excerpts below are a three part series by Robert Mickens published in The Tablet in June/July 2011.

Unlocking the door of the vernacular

In the second of a series on the controversial new English translation of the Missal, to be introduced to the faithful later this year during Advent, The Tablet’s Rome correspondent looks at the start of the move away from Latin and where it began to go wrong … Click here to read this article.

How Rome moved the goal posts

The new translation of the English Missal to be introduced during Advent has had a difficult birth. A text approved by the English-speaking bishops was rejected by Vatican officials, as The Tablet’s Rome correspondent explains in the second part of his account of the journey to a new Missal … Click here to read this article.

A war of words

The new English Missal is being introduced during Advent but its journey to fruition has been marked by the Vatican’s determination to take charge. In the third and final part of his account of the politics behind the translation, our Rome correspondent tells of a final twist in the tale … Click here to read this article.

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